John Black Photography

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Where do I start?

We pay attention to the fine details so that you can enjoy a great photograph!
When you are planning a Session you have two things to do. Find a few days on your calendar that are available. Call Amanda. Seriously. It is that simple. Don’t worry about locations, times, clothes. With one small chat, she will find out what your end goal is and along the way she will design your session for you.
Where do we go for Photography Sessions?
  • Our Studio


  • Outdoor Sessions – urban or rural
  • At your Home, Country Club, Barn, or Boat – you name it!
  • On Location – Offices, Hospitals, Industrial Parks, etc.
  • We will Travel. Everywhere.

Planning = Perfection

Details - Let's Talk!

Sky’s the limit! If you have ideas – let’s hear them. Have a Pinterest Board that you would like to share? Have an idea of a cool canvas of your family over your fireplace? We would like to hear about it!


No ideas for a shoot? Don’t sweat it! We have tons of ideas! We will talk to you about location, clothes and possible props. Also I may get a bit nosy; ask what you do for work and hobbies, where your family is from, etc. It’s amazing how much you find out! The family farm is down the road, that you just bought a new boat, or that you are a lover of all things black and white. All of it matters to design the perfect photography session for you.


It takes a few weeks to get on the schedule. A week after your Photography Session, you will come into the studio for an Ordering Session. Your order will be ready within 1-3 weeks. Some items can be rushed, just let us know.