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We Deliver Results

Headshot photographer specializing in advertising, actors headshots, corporate photography and fashion.

Clean & Modern

Your headshot will take an hour from start to finish. The style will be current and flattering. Photoshop is included in your headshot image. You receive a web sized & large printable digital file.


We can match your corporate guidelines if needed. If you are creating a new look, we will design the background and select clothing choices by viewing the colors in your website and print material.


The web sized version will have metadata embedded into your file. The print version of your headshot is large enough for a billboard. You know – if you want to go famous.

Headshot for Any Occation

Headshot photography specializing in advertising, actors headshots, corporate photography and fashion.


Headshot Photography


For professionals that are working in an environment that’s friendly and social. You’re in need of a headshot that is both approachable & knowledgeable. You have found the right photographer!



Confident headshot photography


You’re a professor at the University, an author, or possibly a physician. You need to come across as cool in your own skin with a confidence that is easily conveyed. We look forward to capturing your portrait.


Stylized headshot photography


Looking for a headshot with a little flair? Updating your comp / zed card? We would love to hear about any ideas you have. We have tons of suggestions as well! Let’s play with color or maybe a dramatic black and white?

Details of a Headshot Session

Step by Step

Below are all of our details about our Headshot Sessions.
Give us a call to schedule your session, 865-522-1715.
Headshot Session

When you arrive we will go over the clothes you have brought, and pick the best outfit to work with the background that you have requested. We will then take a number of shots, go to the computer and edit these images down to the one you would like to use. While you watch I will retouch the image to your requirements. You will get both a full size and a web size file of the image in both color and black and white.


After picking your favorite image, while you look on – John will Photoshop the image to your specifications. Photoshop involves removing blemishes, overall better skin tone, a little thinning and trimming if you like. It;s entirely in your control as to how much younger you want to look:)


$150 for the first file, to purchase an additional retouched image is $50.

Group Discounts

Many offices go this route. A commercial hour is $275. John can photograph 4-6 clients per hour. These images will go onto an online gallery from where you can view and pick the image you like. If retouching is required the cost is  $75 per hour with an average 3-4 images per hour.

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