1st Year of Baby  

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First Year Baby Package

Can’t wait to meet your new bundle of joy!

$800 for 4 Sessions


  • The First Year Package comes with $400 in print credit.
  • You can use the credit towards prints, canvas, birth announcements, One Year Baby Album, etc.
  • Mobile App with 15 images from each Session with your print order.
  • With a $1,500 print order (combining print orders from all 4 sessions) you will receive the 4×6 digital negatives of each session.

When do we come in? Maternity Session – Your 7-8 month is best. Before your too swollen. Newborn? Before 8-9 days old. They are use to being in a tight space, easy for molding. When they are older their arms start to flail about. If he/she is 2-3 weeks old. Don’t worry! Give us a call!

Who do we bring? Bring everyone! Including the dogs if you like. We do ask that we have time set aside for the baby only then maybe your spouse can bring in the rest of the family.

What to bring? What works best is to start with a laundry basket. Fill it up with favorite blankets, toys from your childhood, 2-4 outfits. You can’t bring too much!

What is the best plan? If you can do half a feeding at home then when you arrive you can finish the feeding. Your baby will be content and ready to sleep! Newborns are cross-eyed a bit when they are first born. They can’t focus. So it’s best to try and do newborn pictures when they are asleep.

What do we wear? Amanda has lots of ideas, feel free to talk with her when you booking the session. I do know – bring extra clothes for you too!

What to do? It’s your first child, you haven’t slept. You will feel better when you come in because you will have gotten a shower (keeping it real!). The chances of your baby peeing or pooing on you, me, your husband is over 85%. I think one of the funnest newborn session was when a new family was in the bathroom. For a LONG time. The husband came out frantic asking for paper towels, cleaning supplies, anything. I laughed and said was there a poop accident? No, John – it’s not poop, it’s shit and it is everywhere! No need to be embarrassed. We need stories to tell when everyone ohs and ah’s over those angelic photos of your baby!

How quickly do we see our pictures? Usually it’s a week but we will rush it because many of you are looking to send out birth announcements. We will happily design them from your specifications. 5×7 cards with envelopes for $2 a piece. They come in sets of 25.


During your first Print Order Session (applies to all 4 Sessions) we have the ‘buy one get the duplicate print sale’ on 8×12 prints and smaller. A great idea for gifts! 20% off all canvas.
All images will go on our password protected website to share with your family and friends for 2 weeks after each session. Everyone can view and order portraits.


Choose 4 Session from the list below:
  • Maternity Session
  • Newborn Session
  • 3 Months Session
  • 6 Months Session
  • 9 Months Session
  • 12 Months Session

9 Months is my pick for the one to take out.  Babies don’t change that much before 12 months and then they are walking!

Also we have 30 minute Mini Sessions for $99. If your going to do a Maternity Session you could use the mini and save the other 4 for portraits with the baby.


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